Products and Services

We currently offer a wide range of products from empowerment- / up-skilling initiatives to insurance, loans and other financial products. Finding what suits YOUR pocket, through various service providers and as such, earn our revenue / income with the majority of these providers, is what we do!

However – in our search for reliable Service Providers we wanted to find brands that we personally believe in but also believe will be able to assist the majority of our clients!

Our solutions cover the following services:

1. Finance:

  • Vehicle Finance
  • Bridging Loans
  • Home Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Business Loans
  • Consolidation Loans
  • Credit Cards

2. Counselling / Upskilling:

  • Debt Reviewing / Debt Counselling
  • Budgeting & Financial Education
  • Starting your own Business
  • Property Investment
  • Understanding your ITC / Credit Score / Reports
  • Wills & Testaments - the importance of having one!

3. Insurance:

  • Short Term Insurance (Car and Home Insurance)
  • Long Term Insurance (Death, Disability and Retrenchment Insurance)
  • Medical Aids & Hospital Cover

4. Other:

  • Cell Phone Contracts
  • Empowerment & BEE Deals
  • Education Skills & Development
  • Social & Community Involvement
  • Monthly Newsletters