How does it work?

We will be doing the following on your behalf, with your consent:

  • Complete a Needs Analysis with us to understand what your needs are!
  • Submit applications / information to Financial Institutions / Service Providers and their agents.
  • Provide these institutions with the necessary documentation to access your applications and provide the solutions that fits your needs!
  • Communicate with various institutions and provide them the details with regards to your current debt, banking and salary information.
  • As these institutions might need to conduct credit checks or provide your information to third parties to ensure quick & speedy solutions, we require you to become our client and thus give us consent to provide the information to them. This consent will also give them the go-ahead to request information as and when needed!
  • YOU will also become our client for the next 12 months, and as such you will have access to all our services and solutions to qualify for future benefits, specials and products we offer.

As we want to deliver exceptional service to you, click on this link and submit the Assessment Page to us so that the wheels can start rolling! Thank you for giving us consent to provide the services as above! You will also hereby be requesting that all parties fully co-operate with DFSolutions (PTY) LTD and its employees / third party service providers.

We are committed to you and your privacy at all times and will, therefore, undertake to never divulge any information relating to any of the above to any company or institution without your consent.